Ooh yeah I heard about that! I always knew from a young age the mental benefits of video games but it’s always good to have scientific research to back it up

No no don’t worry, it’s not the first time I’ve received a Portal-related question but if you’re referring to the start, then don’t worry haha she’s gotten weirder questions so I bet she won’t mind your enthusiasm :)


Haha your support and dedication for this blog is much appreciated I give you that! But don’t spend too much of your time on this silly blog, I’ll let you know when something happens :”)



Aw, why don't you have any questions?

(Ema isn’t exactly answering questions atm so I’ll just assume this is to the mod)

Oh um probably because my blog isn’t active right now haha! I do have a couple of submissions from MasterB99 but i received them during my intense study period so sorry man if you’re reading this I did get them!

I mean I guess you could send questions to Ema if you wanted (starting with ‘Dear Ema’ or w/e for now just so I know) but until I get 100% back into this blog it won’t get answered until then :”)



Yeah hey there! Nah not to worry I’ve sorted out the personal problems and the acnl addiction, just got uni to overcome before i can actually seriously work on anything not study/work related haha. Touches my heart to know someone still has hope for Ema :”) I’ll be on holidays at the end of this month so yeah hopefully then!



Ema, Here is the askyoungmiles mod... do you remember me .3.?... ok, but i just want to know if you're in a hiatus, you're going to back? Even don't having more my blog i still love this blog, plss ema~

Oh hey yeah I remember you! It’s been quite a while haha and thank you!

Um I would really, really love to get this blog active again I truly do! Especially with J and Konrad getting back into their blogs I feel like I should try and get back into it too. Still got the problem of uni and animal crossing taking over my life though haha but seeing how i’ve got like, 7 (??) weeks until i finish for the year, maybe then?

idk we’ll see where the wind takes me


Thanks tumblr for reminding me! (I totally forgot the date whoops)

But a big hug to everyone who’s stuck around this long! Still can’t believe it’s somewhat standing after all this time ahaha. I know I said I might revive it after my exams but a lot of personal stuff popped up (along with a couple of fandoms and an RP group) so uh yea that plan went astray

Anyway better keep this short so yeah thanks again for sticking around and putting up with me `v`

-EmaMod xx


Ahh yeah I’m so sorry about that!! Your other message definitely got through though don’t worry (: 

I was looking through my blog the other day and it did motivate me a bit so maybe after exams I’ll find some time to get back into this (no guarantees though).